Not everything in tech has to be difficult. In fact, we’ve wrapped up these seven quick and easy tech tips into a single sentence each.

Resolve to implement these seven easy tech tips in 2015 and save yourself dollars and headaches.

Not everything in tech has to be difficult. In fact, we’ve wrapped up these seven quick and easy tech tips into a single sentence each. Resolve to implement them in 2015 and save yourself dollars and headaches.

Easy Tech Tip #1

It is very important to empty, clean and re-fill the wet cup bottle with Fresh Throat Seal Liquid once a month, whether you have used the proportioner three days or 30 days that month.

By: Brian Rice
Technical Representative

This simple cleaning and refilling procedure done on a monthly basis ensures the maximum working life of your A-side high pressure pump and greatly reduces pump malfunction down the road.

Easy Tech Tip #2

Applying a light coat of Fusion Lube on the outside of the gun will make cleaning easier.

By: Dan Gamba
Technical Representative

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys cleaning but we all enjoy a tidy working environment. Perhaps more importantly, keeping your equipment clean can improve its performance. Make cleanup easy with this brilliant drop of wisdom.

Easy Tech Tip #3

Remember to check all filter screens at drum change.

By: Chase Sanders
Vehicle Protection Account Manager

Checking your filter screens at this opportune time will ensure proper delivery of chemical to the proportioner and maintain proper ratio.

Easy Tech Tip #4

Remember to lubricate the drum agitator motor after each use.

By: Mario Guzman
Regional Account Manager – Latin America

You can lubricate the drum agitator automatically via the Inline lubricator or manually by applying a few drops of oil.

Easy Tech Tip #5

When drums of chemical get low and you are not sure exactly how much is left inside the drum, you can measure the remnants by removing one of the bung caps, inserting a straight 1/4″- 1/2″ x 4′ solid dowel or rod into the drum.

By: Holden Robertson
Technical Representative

How much chemical do I have left? Is it enough to finish the next spray job? Never be in question again. Every one inch showing on the stick equals roughly 1.5 gallons (1.47 exactly). From this measurement you can determine if you have enough chemical to proceed with the application.

Easy Tech Tip #6

Get your machine off the ground–either build a box or get a solid platform and remember to place some filter material under the machine to keep the dust from covering the electronics.

By: Bill Kalthoff
Vehicle Protection Account Manager

The shop floor is no place for your spray machine. The natural fluctuations in concrete’s temperature alone can damage your hardware. Furthermore, spills, floods, and debris are all serious hazards to your machine that are easily mitigated by positioning your hardware on an elevated platform.

Easy Tech Tip #7

Use the proper sized drill bits to clean your high pressure mix module ports.

By: Eric Nevada
Vehicle Protection Account Manager

The difference between “it fits” and “it’s correct” is critical to proper chemical processing. Further more, using the wrong sized drill bits to get the job done can damage your equipment beyond repair, meaning you’ll have to shell out big bucks in replacement costs.

No doubt your 2015 is full of New Years resolutions to keep, many of which are surely demanding. It’s nice to have a few easy ones on the list that can make a difference. Following these seven simple tech tips can save you dollars and headaches.

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