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Spray foam insulation and sealants from Rhino Linings offer a range of benefits and applications, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects. With their superior thermal insulation properties, durability, and versatility, Rhino Linings provides efficient and reliable solutions for a variety of construction needs. Inquire to become a Rhino Linings Foam applicator today!

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What are Spray Foam Insulation and Sealants?

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation material that is applied using specialized equipment. It consists of two components – polyol resin and isocyanate – which are mixed together at the point of installation. The mixture expands and hardens, creating a powerful thermal barrier that seals gaps and cracks to prevent air and moisture infiltration.
Similarly, Rhino Linings offers a range of sealants that can be applied to different surfaces to create an effective barrier against water, air, and dust. These sealants are designed to provide long-lasting protection and can be applied to various substrates such as concrete, metal, wood, and more.

Why Spray Foam?

Investing in spray foam insulation and/or sealants is not only an easy building decision, but one that will pay for itself in energy savings.

The way we look at insulation is changing – not only from a building and industry perspective, but also as conscientious consumers are becoming better educated and demanding higher performing products. In the competitive building industry, consumers are looking for contractors and builders who will deliver superior quality products. ThermalGuard™ open and closed cell spray foam insulation products from Rhino Linings will allow you to deliver just that.

Rhino Linings spray foam insulation and sealants play a crucial role in ensuring your structure operates efficiently as a system, minimizing leaks and keeping conditioned air inside.

When used with other responsible building practices, Rhino Linings spray foam products help you save up to 50% on heating and cooling costs compared to traditionally insulated structures.

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What are Spray Foam Insulation and Sealants?

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Superior Insulation

Spray foam insulation offers excellent thermal insulation, minimizing heat transfer and reducing energy consumption. It creates an airtight seal that prevents air leakage and reduces drafts, resulting in better temperature control and increased energy efficiency.

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Moisture Control

One of the primary benefits of Rhino Linings spray foam insulation is its ability to prevent the infiltration of moisture. By sealing gaps and cracks, it helps to prevent water leakage, mold growth, and condensation-related issues, thereby protecting the structure and promoting a healthier indoor environment.

Versatility and Flexibility

Spray foam insulation and sealants can be applied to various surfaces, including walls, attics, roofs, and crawlspaces. It can conform to irregular shapes and penetrate hard-to-reach areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage and maximum insulation performance.

Noise Reduction

Spray foam insulation from Rhino Linings acts as an effective sound barrier, reducing unwanted noise transmission from outside sources or between rooms within a building. This can greatly improve the comfort and tranquility of indoor spaces.

Durability and Longevity

Rhino Linings spray foam insulation and sealants are designed to be durable, withstanding harsh weather conditions and retain their effectiveness over time. They are resistant to mold, pests, and decay, making them a reliable and long-lasting solution.

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Uses of Spray Foam Insulation and Sealants

Residential: In residential settings, spray foam insulation can be used for attics, walls, basements, and crawlspaces to improve energy efficiency, reduce noise, and enhance indoor comfort. Sealants can be utilized for waterproofing foundations, sealing gaps around windows and doors, and preventing air leakage.

Commercial: Rhino Linings spray foam insulation can be applied in commercial buildings for insulation in roofs, walls, and ceilings, providing energy savings and temperature control. Sealants are commonly used for waterproofing, air barrier installation, and protecting structures from moisture damage.

Why Choose Rhino Linings?

Trusted Brand

Rhino Linings has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and solutions in the construction industry. We have been serving customers for years, building trust and reliability among contractors and builders.

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Customizable Solutions

Rhino Linings understands that different projects have unique requirements. Our team works closely with clients to provide customized solutions that meet specific project needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Expertise and Support

We have a team of experts who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in spray foam insulation and sealant applications. Our team provides technical support, guidance, and training to ensure successful spray foam installations and optimal performance.

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Rhino Linings is committed to sustainable practices and offers eco-friendly options for insulation and sealant solutions. Our spray foam products are designed to meet or exceed environmental regulations while delivering energy-saving benefits.


Spray foam insulation and sealants from Rhino Linings offer numerous benefits with a wide range of applications from residential to commercial projects, providing effective solutions for various construction needs. With a reputation for quality, customizable solutions, expert support, and a commitment to sustainability, Rhino Linings is a trusted choice for efficient and reliable spray foam insulation and sealant solutions. Become a Rhino Linings Contractor today!