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See how Rhino Linings was used to restore and protect this maritime highway from failure.

Coatings for Bridge Preservation

Protective Lining Over Steel and Concrete

A proven solution to stop corrosion and repair the structural integrity of 200 damaged bridge columns.

Cinta Costera III is a maritime highway viaduct near the historic district of Panama City, Panama.


The 200 steel and concrete bridge columns on a Panama City shoreline had become corroded due to their exposure to salt water and needed to be coated to stop further corrosion and damage. Because the corroding bridge columns are located in a tidal area, the repairs needed to be completed within the eight hours in between low and high tides.

Constructora Norberto Odebrecht, a Brazilian company with large-scale construction projects around the world, was awarded the contract for the job. They turned to Rhino Linings Panama to recommend the right product and process to successfully complete the work.


Rhino Linings Panama used three Ecoquip EQ400T units and Barton Garnet to clean the columns with wet abrasive blasting, a more environmentally-friendly option given the location of the project. The surface was prepared to an SP-10 cleanliness with at least a 5 mil anchor profile. A torch was used after the wet abrasive blasting procedure to dry the columns and complete surface preparation.

Rhino Extreme™ 11-50 GT, a spray-applied, fast-set polyurea specifically formulated to withstand extreme environmental conditions, was applied directly to the column at an average thickness of 62 mils.

Because the columns were completely encapsulated in a seamless monolithic barrier created by Rhino Extreme 11-50 GT, no primer was needed.

Applicators were suspended on scaffolding to complete the work. Typically two columns were worked on simultaneously using two blasting units and one reactor.

Limited by the tide to only six hours per day to clean and prep and two hours to apply the coating, product choice and application method were key reasons Rhino Linings Panama was chosen to complete the job. The combination of wet abrasive blasting and Rhino Extreme 11-50GT was identified as the only viable bridge column repair option available. Dry surface cleaning and an epoxy coating would not have been effective due to the high levels of contamination and the limited time available each day to blast and apply a protective coating.


Despite all the challenges of this bridge column restoration project, it was completed in five months. Rhino Extreme™ 11-50 GT was installed on all 200 columns, totaling approximately 96,875 square feet (9,000 square meters). Constructora Norberto Odebrecht and their customer were extremely happy with the look and performance of Rhino Extreme 11-50 GT as well as with the efficient and environmentally-friendly installation procedures.

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