There are two choices. If you are looking to become an OEM or an applicator, you are required to purchase a complete high pressure or low pressure application system. If you wish to have a licensed Rhino Linings applicator spray your application, you do not need to purchase a system.

This means that no solvents (VOCs) are used to dissolve, carry or reduce the coating. Additionally, the resin converts to a solid after mixing with isocyanate.

Our formulations come in 55-gallon drums.

Generally, a surface must be prepped or etched to give it a sufficient profile and then a primer is applied. This assures that the coating has maximum adhesion.

Yes. Dispersing aggregate into the formulation can increase the non-slip properties of the lining.

No. Our products can only be sprayed by a licensed Rhino Linings applicator to assure quality results every time.

Our formulations are tack free within 40 seconds and are completely set after 24 hours.

Yes. Rhino Linings application equipment can be used to cast or spray materials up to a thickness of up to several inches. Our special casting formulation has a slightly slower gel time in order to allow the material to self-level as it is curing.