By Brian Rice

We all know that a clean and well maintained gun will decrease down time and increase profitability. Follow these simple maintenance checks each month, and you can keep your gun in shape, avoid costly downtime and keep spraying.

Replace the TSL (Throat Seal Liquid) once a month – whether you have used the machine three days or 30 days. This is the most important monthly maintenance item by far and will prolong the life of your machine’s A-side high pressure pump. If the TSL fluid is not emptied and refilled regularly, crystallization will form on the pump and wear the pump seals prematurely.

Using pneumatic air, gently blow out the interior of the cabinet, which contains the motor and temperature control boards. Too much force can damage delicate control boards, so be gentle when doing this. Always power down and unplug the machine before opening the interior cabinet, then blow out any dust and remove debris. A dirty interior cabinet can lead to control board electrical shorts or even control board failures. Also remember to never operate the machine without the front cover secured to the machine, because it interrupts the proper air flow path.

Make sure the machine’s cooling fan is operating freely. The cooling fan draws air from underneath the machine to cool the control boards and electric motor. Job sites are typically riddled with dust and debris, and over time it can work its way into the machine’s interior cabinet and clog the fan. Over time, this can cause the control boards and electric motor to overheat. After gently blowing out the interior cabinet, look in the cabinet on the top left hand side, inspect the fan, and ensure that the fan is able to move freely.

Brian Rice is a Rhino Linings technical representative. All of our technical services team members are available to answer your questions.