Begin this Fall with Legendary Protection!
Between October 15, 2015 and February 15, 2016 enthusiasts may enter Rhino Linings Legendary Protection Sweepstakes for the chance to win one of four Rhino Linings FREE Standard Sprayed-on Applications. All eligible entries will be awarded a coupon for one of the FREE Standard Sprayed-on Applications OR a coupon for $25 towards the purchase of a Rhino Linings Truck Bed Liner to drive customers into your store .

During the Rhino Linings® Legendary Protection™ Sweepstakes promotion, authorized Rhino Linings applicators will receive leads from potential customers. The Rhino Linings Legendary Protection Sweepstakes promotion is expected to capture greater market share of enthusiasts who are interested in personalizing their vehicle with Rhino Linings. Follow-up with the leads from this promotion by sending an email to the giveaway entrants. An email will allow you to increase a potential customer’s interest, entice them into your shop and make the sale.

All businesses are highly encouraged to follow-up on all leads and to honor the advertised discount!

The Offer … Between October 19, 2015 and February 15, 2016, all eligible entries will be awarded a coupon for $25 towards the purchase of a Rhino Linings truck bed liner or a coupon for a FREE Rhino Linings standard sprayed-on application redeemable only at participating Rhino Linings businesses.


How It Works … Consumers can participate in The Rhino Linings Legendary Protection™ promotion by registering on the Rhino Linings Corporation website or by scanning the QR code and registering on the mobile website. All eligible entrants (leads) will receive an e-mail coupon. The lead will be forwarded to the three closest authorized Rhino Vehicle Protection businesses.

Consumers may only enter once and may only redeem one coupon per person per month. Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. (This is stated on the coupon.) Coupons will be pre-printed with the consumer’s name and contact information, so the coupon cannot easily be duplicated and given to another consumer.

Our website will automatically send a coupon based on a pre-programmed database formula. Entrants have a chance of winning a coupon for one of the FREE Rhino Linings Standard Sprayed-on Applications (not to exceed $500).

An applicator’s account will be credited up to $475 after submission of completed coupon and invoice of the Rhino Linings application.

National Exposure … This promotion will be posted on, as well as, Rhino Linings social media websites. Promotional banner ads will also be posted on applicable external websites as determined by the Marketing Department.

Coupon Redemption Procedures…
Consumers will be instructed to take their coupon for FREE Rhino Linings Standard Sprayed-on Application (not to exceed $500) or $25 towards the purchase of a Rhino Linings truck bed liner to a participating business within 30 days after the issue date printed on the coupon.

If you receive a FREE coupon, after providing the Rhino Linings application, write your applicator number on the coupon. Send the original completed coupon and a copy of the customer’s invoice to Rhino Linings Corporation Marketing, 9747 Businesspark Ave, San Diego CA 92131 within 30 days of the date on the invoice for applicable account credit (as listed in “How It Works” section).

If you receive a $25 off coupon, please honor the discount. You do not need to send the coupon to Rhino Linings Corporation.

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Download the Rhino Linings Legendary Protection promotional banner ads and add to your website. Link them to the promotion: and generate more leads.

If you have any questions about Rhino Linings Legendary Protection promotion, please contact your Customer Service Representative at Rhino Linings Corporation: 1-800-747-6966.