Rhino Linings is happy to announce our new and improved TuffGrip™ 11-90. New features include: improved moisture-tolerance, a wider-processing window which makes it more forgiving in various conditions, and having better cold temperature properties.

For additional information on this product, download the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheets below.

Technical Data Sheet

TuffGrip™ 11-90

 Safety Data Sheets

TuffGrip™ 11-90 Iso (Part A) | TuffGrip™ 11-90 Resin Black (Part B)

Important Product Notes:

  • Do Not co-mingle (60261 & 60264) with original version (60254, 60255 & 60256)
  • New TuffGrip™ 11-90 available in black only

If you’d like to place an order, send us an email at orders@rhinolinings.com.