Desiccant beads are essential to the absorption of water vapor in your air system. They help prevent contaminants from entering your airline and polluting output.  It is important to monitor desiccant beads often. A good way to determine when replacement is necessary is by its physical discoloration.  This change in pigment can indicate that they have been contaminated by moisture, or possibly by the chemicals themselves.

Checking for contamination can be done by examining the entire (or partial) cartridge containing the beads. If you notice fading and/or a brownish tint to the beads, this is an indication they need to be replaced.  Typical reasons for pollution in the cartridge include: humidity in the equipment room, or Resin and/or ISO chemical splash. Splashing normally occurs while moving the drums to a new or different location resulting in chemicals getting into the small bung hole. When this occurs, the filter located on the bottom of the cartridge assembly will become plugged and will not allow the drum to breath properly or at all. This can cause off ratio issues with low pressure machines and error codes with high pressure units.

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