Thank you to all who participated in our marketing survey. We received a lot of valuable input which will be put to good use by the Rhino Linings marketing team in order to best help you with your business’s marketing efforts. Below are some of the insights we’d like to share with everyone. Check the feedback to see what marketing tools most applicators use to reach their ideal customers as well as what some of the most popular marketing requests were.

Your Marketing Opinions Revealed

Which channels do you use to successfully reach your ideal customer?

  1. Social Media (64%)
  2. Website (61%)
  3. Face-to-Face (55%)
  4. Newspapers, Magazines & Yellow Pages (39%)
  5. Email (35%)
The majority of Rhino Linings applicators found that some type of digital media was essential for reaching customers. Most applicators attribute their success to an active social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, etc.). Many also found it important to maintain a company website that can attract customers and act as an information hub. However, even as the business world speeds up and goes digital, it’s crucial to continue building customer relationships through tried and true face-to-face communication.

What marketing products would you like to see Rhino Linings develop and offer?

  1. Brochures (52%)
  2. Website Templates (40%)
  3. Trade Show Booths (39%)
  4. Event Giveaways (34%)
  5. Online Banner Ads (33%)
New print brochures were the most requested Rhino Linings marketing item. A lot of applicators are also requesting digital assistance with Rhino Linings website templates and online ads. Trade show booths and branded giveaway items were some other popular suggestions.  Keep an eye out for all of the new products we will continue to unveil and make available in the coming months.

What do you expect to spend on marketing your Rhino Linings business this year?

48% of Rhino Linings applicators expect to spend between $1,000-$4,999 in 2016 on marketing. 32% have planned to spend at least $5,000. It’s a good idea to set aside part of the budget for marketing your Rhino Linings business in order the help attract more customers through various channels. Rhino Linings Corporation helps build and coordinate national campaigns, but you know how to best excel locally.

Get Ready for More

Your feedback is very valuable to us, so keep your eyes peeled for more surveys in the future. As for upcoming marketing products, we’re working hard on a few new projects this summer that we hope to unveil and make available to our loyal applicators. Stay tuned!