Whether you’re servicing a new or existing truck bed liner customer, there is a simple way to ensure that they remain a happy customer: Rhino Shine™ Ultra. Did you know that about 90% of all bed liners (no matter the brand/manufacturer) are black and will naturally oxidize over time. Keep your customer’s liner looking like the day it was applied by offering the Rhino Shine Ultra treatment at your shop. This very inexpensive, quick and proven process will assure your customers that they’ve made the right decision by installing a bed liner that not only performs, but can retain it’s great looks for years to come.

In addition to bed liners, Rhino Shine Ultra can be applied to any existing sprayed surfaces, including brush guards, panels, bumpers, trailer ramps, floors and work bench table tops…the list goes on.


Follow these technical suggestions for mixing, prep and applying Rhino Shine Ultra:

  1. Substrate should be power washed and or cleaned thoroughly using Acetone.
  2. Rhino Shine Ultra should be stored at 70 degrees or above for best shelf life.
  3. Viscosity of the liquid is lowered at 70 degrees or higher, allowing for proper mixing of ingredients when the container is shaken.
  4. Rhino Shine Ultra should be shaken vigorously for several minutes before use.
  5. Apply uniformly with paint brush or spray gun.
  6. Rhino Shine Ultra can be slightly thinned by adding water to the mixture.
  7. After you’ve applied Rhino Shine Ultra, allow it to dry for one hour before truck bed/applied area use.
  8. For bed liner repairs, use Rhino Shine Ultra to make the color uniform again. Simply apply Rhino Shine Ultra after spraying the damaged areas.

For more technical information about Rhino Shine Ultra, review the technical data sheet.

Rhino Shine Ultra is sold in gallon jugs (excellent for use in the shop) and in 16 ounce bottles, ideal for consumer purchase and use.

Stock both in your shop to encourage repeat business and sales!

Need more technical tips?

Feel free to reach out to the Rhino Linings technical support team with any questions about your spray gun or other equipment. Or, if you’d like to see a specific topic addressed in a future technical article, email rhinomarketing@rhinolinings.com.