Finding leads is only half of the battle. “Lead nurturing” is the process of transforming interested prospects into paying Rhino Linings® customers.

This four-step guide to cultivating more customers is fundamental for nurturing prospects into satisfied customers.

1. Get Leads

The Rhino Linings marketing team helps by actively generating 225,000 email and telephone leads each year through nationwide marketing and local search marketing. Two main types of leads sent by Rhino Linings:

  1. Promo Leads – customers who have signed up for one of the nationwide promotions and received a coupon redeemable at your shop.
  2. Quote Leads – customers who are ready to buy in the next few days or weeks and are requesting a price.

Other ways to increase the amount of leads your business receives is to invest in local search engine marketing, social media marketingemail marketingtrade shows and exhibitions.

2. Provide the Solution

Nurture your leads by responding and interacting with the prospect promptly. Be sure to return calls and reply to emails within 24 hours before the prospect walks down the street to your competitor.

A bedliner is big commitment and customers need to feel that they’re making the right decision. Keep leads in your database and cultivate a relationship until they are ready to purchase. Show them photos of your previous work. Explain the product’s durability and nationwide lifetime warranty. Place leads we send you on an email marketing list and follow up regularly with discounted offers to stay on their mind.

3. Make the Sale

After finding a lead and warming them up for a sale, close it! Reiterate why they made the right choice with your service and Rhino Linings products instead of an inferior brand.

Schedule them in a timely manner, or the customer might walk away. Some of the leads we send are primed for an immediate appointment. Return their call or email ASAP for quick, easy money! If someone comes to you with a promotional coupon, the best thing to do is honor it. This customer has been nurtured by the appeal of a discount and is ready to make a purchase that would not have happened otherwise.

4. Maintain the Relationship

Once you’ve gained a customer, continue nurturing. Value their business and they’ll become loyal, repeat customers. Showing that you care even after the installation can lead to positive online reviews, word of mouth referrals, and/or repeat business. Customer feedback is an invaluable tool to learn your standing with customers and discover new ways to improve your business.

Good customer relationships can be maintained through mailing lists with offers or promotions. A simple “thank you” email with an offer for a complimentary Rhino Shine™ treatment 1 year after installation can go a long way.

Free Marking Collateral

Rhino Linings Corporation likes to see you succeed, so we’ve developed several marketing materials that are ready for use. Amp up your marketing campaign by incorporating some of our ready-made Rhino Linings flyers, brochures, print ads and web ads.