Cold Weather Storage and Foam Spraying Tips

Having a quality infrared thermometer and moisture meter to check barrel and substrate temperatures is a great way to stay ahead of the cold this winter. Self-adhesive LCD thermometers on the drums are also great as a quick reference. Do your best to avoid cold-weather obstacles by following the tips below:

Cold Weather Precautions


  • Stores best between 75-90℉. Spray temps should be 130-135℉ depending on how the foam looks and the temperature outside.
  • A smaller mix chamber allows material to stay in the heater in the machine longer to get a little warmer.
  • Consider foaming the underside of your rig with closed cell.
  • Space heaters and and barrel blankets can be used to warm substrates and drums, while also maintaining rig heat prior to spraying. Open flames are prohibited in the spray area.
Stores best between 65-75℉. Spray temps should be around 120℉, adding a few degrees for colder days and/or colder drums temps. The temperature should be increased by 3 degrees, resin side primary heater only, to offset the difference in viscosity.
Keep your hose off the snow, ice and concrete as these will draw out heat faster then the machine can warm it up. If your hose is over two years old check for breaks in the insulation and address as necessary.