A Facebook company page is one of the most powerful and essential marketing tools on the web. Having a business presence on Facebook puts you ahead of those that lack one and lucky for you, this powerful marketing tool is completely free to create and manage.

However, there is more to using this social media platform than meets the eye. See how you can hone your marketing skills and take full advantage of Facebook for your business.

1. Be Responsive

Customers and prospects are your captive audience. Gain their attention and hold on to it by responding to their inquiries and comments promptly. Audience interaction keeps your fans engaged with your company and your message.

Consider posting a picture of your latest job to show off the quality of your work. Facebook job posts often lead to direct quote requests within the comments section of your post. Simple interaction through social media goes a long way:

Here’s a great example of MCOR Automotive posting positive, engaging content about Rhino Linings products on their Facebook page, and interacting with prospects. Interest was initially drawn in with photos and product information. Prospects then began inquiring about additional product information and pricing tailored to their needs. The MCOR Automotive page currently boasts almost 15,000 followers and 168 reviews (4.6 star average).

2. Utilize Targeting & Remarketing

Have you ever noticed how Facebook sometimes seems to show you an ad about a product you were recently researching? Through Facebook ads, you have the opportunity to do the same to seek out interested customers. Facebook’s powerful advertising program gives you the ability to target your ads to the right audience.

Whereas a regular old newspaper ad can be wasted on disinterested eyeballs, a Facebook ad could cost you a fraction of the cost of traditional print advertising and have a much higher return on investment. Your ad could target recent visitors to your website, people who drive certain types of vehicles, people who have recently purchased a Ford F-150, and people who are interested in aftermarket accessories.

3. Don’t Sell

Facebook is a social media site, not a classifieds feed. The site is built for authentic conversation and engagement, not hard selling. The minute you attempt to hawk your product is the minute you’ll get the door slammed in your face.

Use Facebook as a platform for engagement. Build a relationship with your audience and post content that matters to them, like helpful automotive tips, cool photos of some of your recent Rhino Linings applications, and interactive contests.

The following Facebook promotion was simple, sparked a lot of interaction and helped create positive brand recognition:

4. Build a Culture of Philanthropy

Showcase your philanthropic efforts and encourage your Facebook followers to join in. Call up a local nonprofit or good cause and prepare a fund-raising drive via social media. Share a powerful message of support on Facebook and announce a donation for every like or share. If you can’t donate $1 for every “like” or “share” stick with 25 cents or at the very least, get the word out about the good cause/event.

Check out how Rhino Linings of Delaware helped a tire slashing victim and received a lot of good press and business from giving back to the community:

Get Started on Facebook

Having a company Facebook page today is almost as essential as having an email address or telephone number for customers and prospects to use as a medium for interaction with your business. Facebook pages conveniently connect consumers with important business information, including business hours, address and contact details. And as we’ve seen, they make a very good tool for positive brand growth and lead generation. If you still don’t have a Facebook company page, it’s very easy to get started. Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/ to create a Facebook page and start building a closer relationship with your audience and customers.