Rhino™ 102 is a high strength, toughened, structural epoxy adhesive for the bonding of fiberglass to itself and many dissimilar materials. It is a two phase (toughened) epoxy resin produced using a CTBN elastomer with a flexible epoxy resin backbone for maximum stress and fatigue resistance. 102 bonds with an immediate high tack consistency, a long working life and a quick cure time. Rhino 102 may be used at ambient temperature(s) ranging from 55°F (13°C) to 100°F (38°C). The working life at 100°F (38°C) is > 2 hours (working time increases with lower ambient temperatures), with full cures occurring between 6 – 12 hours depending on cure temperature.

Unlike most epoxy adhesives, Rhino 102 adhesive cured at ambient temperatures provides heat resistance well in excess of most engineering limits with an HDT of 85º C (185°F ). The material mixes at 2:1 by volume, or 100:44 by weight (resin to hardener). The convenient color-coded components form a uniform color when properly mixed.102 adhesive is designed for high production meter/mix ram dispensing and although highly thixotropic, have very fast application rates. With low odor and toxicity, Rhino 102 adhesive is solvent free, and 100% solids.


Use Rhino 102 adhesive to bond fiberglass to fiberglass materials or other materials such as concrete, metal, wood, and many plastics. It is recommended Rhino 102 adhesive be used on large composite parts such as utility scale wind rotor blades, truck panels, railroad or ocean freight containers, etc. Rhino 102 adhesive is highly recommended for bonding pre-cured epoxy laminate to itself and dissimilar materials (concrete, steel, aluminum) in the areas of seismic retrofit and structural upgrades.

Rhino 102 adhesive is formulated to improve the intimate bond between the epoxy adhesive and cured glass fiber laminate. This formulation technique results in increased physical properties due to better surface wetting and increased bond strength to E-glass fibers. Of equal, if not greater significance is the retention of physical properties after exposure to heat, cycle fatigue, water, expected adverse environmental reagents such as salt spray, acid rain, etc.

The formulation of Rhino 102 adhesive results in minimal degradation of the cured adhesive’s physical properties as compared to epoxy systems not containing the proprietary formulation constituents of 102 adhesive. This technology offers the fabricator not only a superior adhesive today, but more importantly, increased product life and long term durability.

All surfaces should be mechanically abraded, or, in the case of fiberglass laminate(s), the use of peel ply on the bonding surfaces is acceptable. All dust, grease, and standing water must be removed prior to the application of 102 Adhesive.

• Gel at ambient + 8 hours at 50ºC
• Gel at ambient + 6 hours at 70ºC
• Gel at ambient + 7 days at ambient

Rhino 102 Adhesive is available in 3 gallon (11.5 liter), 15 gallon (58 liter) and 165 gallon (635 liter) kits. Shipped FOB San Diego, CA.

Rhino Material 102 Resin w/102 Hardener
Density at 25°C: 1.1 – 1.2 g/cm3 (9.7 – 9.8 lbs) 1.03 – 1.04 g/cm3 (8.65 – 8.75 lbs)
Viscosity: Thixotropic Gel Thixotropic Gel
Color: Yellow Blue
Color Mixed: Green
Mix Ratio by Weight: 100 44
Mix Ratio by Volume: 100 50 (2:1)
Working Life, 1000 grams at 77°F: >240 minutes
Initial Cure Time: 6-8 hrs
Shore D Hardness: 85
Heat Deflection Temperature: 85°C (185°F)
Tensile Lap-Shear (DIN EN 1465): 10.5 MPa
Peeling Resistance (DIN 53282): 2.3 N/mm (minimum)
Epoxy Laminate to itself: Lamiante fails prior to adhesive failure
Polyester Laminate to itself: Lamiante fails prior to adhesive failure
Galvanized Steel to itself: Galvanized coating fails prior to adhesive failure
Carbon Steel to Epoxy Laminate: Lamiante fails prior to adhesive failure
Carbon Steel to Polyester Laminate: Lamiante fails prior to adhesive failure
Epoxy Laminate to Concrete: 100% Concrete faliure





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