WB Epoxy Clear is a clear, two part, waterborne epoxy sealer/primer that is easy to mix, easy to use, and provides superior results. It is applied over concrete and many other substrates by brush, roller or spray equipment. WB Epoxy Clear dries quickly (60 – 120 minutes) and can be used as a primer or as a standalone sealer. WB Epoxy Clear contains a unique “lacquer dry” (dust free) cure allowing it to be recoated quickly. It has a long working time (3 hours) which allows larger batches to be mixed. The material cleans up easily with soap and water from hands and tools.


  • Long working time of 3 hours and quick to dry to touch
  • Can be applied by roller, brush, squeegee or airless sprayer
  • Can be applied over damp surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Economical coating
  • As a primer – WB Epoxy Clear works great as a primer for Concrete Solutions Epoxies, Urethanes and Spray-Top applications. WB Epoxy Clear is typically applied at 300 – 400 sq. ft. per gallon. It is also an excellent primer over wood decks before applying a water proofing system. Wood decks that don’t need metal lath should be sealed with WB Epoxy Clear prior to applying an Elastomeric Basecoat and Fabric Waterproofing System. While the WB Epoxy Clear is still wet, sprinkle some #60 silica sand over it to achieve a medium broadcast. Apply the Elastomeric Basecoat and fabric over the WB Epoxy Clear when dry to touch, within 4 – 6 hours. See the Elastomeric Basecoat Technical Data Sheet for more information on waterproofing wood decks.
  • As a sealer – WB Epoxy Clear is used as a cost effective sealer for dust proofing concrete floors and walls providing a durable, easy to clean surface and is also used as an economical sealer/primer on residential and commercial garage floors, warehouse floors, parking garages, commercial kitchens and bathrooms, hospital floors and many other applications. Apply two coats of WB Epoxy Clear at 300 – 400 sq. ft. per gallon each coat. For applications that need UV stability, Concrete Solutions Urethanes are recommended.
Specific Weight, lb/gal 9.0 (Part A – resin)
8.5 (Part B – hardener)
Mixed Viscosity, cps 150 – 350
Solids by Volume 65%
Volatile Organic Compounds 0.63 lb/gal (75 g/l)
Mix Ratio by Volume 4A (resin) : 1B (hardener)
Pot Life 3 hrs
Recoat, min / max 4 – 6 hrs / 18 – 24 hrs
Tack-free 1 – 2 hrs
Walk on Time (light foot traffic) 8 – 10 hrs
(dependent on temp. & humidity)
Return to Service Time (vehicle traffic) 72 hrs
Full Cure 7 days
Coverage Rate per Gallon 300 – 400 sqft at 2 – 3 mils DFT
Recommended Temperature Application ≥50°F (10°C)
Odor mild
Color clear
Shelf Life – Unopened Containers 12 months
Adhesion     -Crosshatch ASTM D-3363 5
Hardness:    -Pencil (7 days) ASTM D-3363 H
Direct Impact Resistance (lbs) ASTM D-2794 60
Reverse Impact Resistance (lbs) ASTM D-2794 20
Mandrel Bend, 1/4 inch mandrel ASTM D-522 Pass
60° Gloss 90

The mixing ratio of WB Epoxy Clear is 4 parts A (resin) to 1 part B (hardener). Mix only the amount that can be used within 2 hours. Mix part A and B together using a low speed drill motor and mixing paddle for 3 – 5 minutes scraping the sides and bottom of the container.

IMPORTANT: Allow the mixed material to sit for 10 – 15 minutes induction time prior to application. DO NOT use mixed material beyond 3 hours from the mixing time even though the WB Epoxy Clear appears unchanged.

WB Epoxy Clear can be applied by roller, brush or squeegee. When using a squeegee it is best to follow immediately behind with a 1/4″ – 3/8″ nap paint roller to even out any squeegee marks. Apply thin to achieve a coverage rate of approximately 300 – 400 sq. ft. per gallon. Allow to dry 4 – 6 hours before applying a second coat to achieve the best results. WB Epoxy Clear may also be applied with airless spray equipment. When spraying, mask off walls and surrounding areas with plastic to avoid over spray. Have adequate ventilation and wear the proper respirator.






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