Rhino Linings’ protective coatings are used by all branches of the military, government contracts and equipment suppliers around the world to help curtail shrapnel and deflect energy from ballistics and explosive blasts.  Tested through a series of live-fire trails and real-world calamity, Rhino Linings’ products are CARC compatible and proven to withstand most conventional weapon and explosive threat conditions, keeping live and assets safe.


  • Material deflects energy of blasts while keeping structures intact
  • Sprayed lining creates a monolithic, seamless barrier
  • High flexibility of material eliminates or reduces shrapnel and other collateral damage
  • Adheres to a variety of surfaces, including concrete, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and more
  • Adjustable thickness, depending on level of protection required
  • Conforms to any shape


Composite Armor is developed by Rhino Linings Corporation and its technology partners to deliver a narrower gauge, lighter armor that not only provides greater protection versus hardened steel armor, but also saves fuel. With a self-repairing matrix design for structural integrity in displacing energy, it effectively stops a wide range of ballistic threats.

RhinoArmor™ PPFR and RhinoArmor PUFR coatings are an excellent solution to add a shield of protection to a wide variety of vehicles, artillery, boats and structures.


  • Tanks and other defense vehicles
  • Composite and body armor
  • Fuel trucks
  • Storage tanks
  • Buildings and structural walls
  • Explosive detonation chambers
  • High traffic ramps and walkways


Whether you are transporting critical fuel to waiting troops in a combat zone or simply delivering fuel in a more secure area, the Battle Jacket® Fuel Tanker Self Sealing Technology  (FTSS) has you covered.

Rhino Linings is a valued supplier to High Impact Technology, LLC supporting their patented BattleJacket self-sealing/self-healing technology.

The BattleJacket system prevents and/or minimizes fuel leakage on fuel tanks due to small arms fire. The coating system uses a spray polyurethane elastomer and a proprietary reactive additive which combine to expand and permanently seal holes from ballistic penetration. A specialized application process allows the dynamic coating system to be used for military and industrial applications worldwide.

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