RhinoCoat EP

RhinoCoat EP is a 100% solids ultra-high grade epoxy primer that bonds to damp surface, metal, and porous concrete. Also has great chemical and abrasion resistance and is also available in a fast cure formula.

RhinoCoat WB

RhinoCoat WB is a two Component, water-dispersed epoxy, used as a primer, body and top coat. Long pot life (3 hrs) and is usually tack free within 1-2 hrs. Very easy to use, vapor permeable and great for damp surfaces.

RhinoCoat GP

RhinoCoat GP is a 100% solids, low viscosity, work horse epoxy. Can be used as a primer, body or top coat and is available in a fast cure formula. Comes clear or can be tinted with Universal Color Packs.

RhinoCoat CC

RhinoCoat CC is 100% solids UV resistant, crystal clear epoxy. Used primarily as a clear with decorative epoxy systems. This is a low viscosity, high quality resin.

RhinoCoat CR

RhinoCoat CR is a 100% chemical resistant epoxy. Used in areas where excellent abrasion, impact, wear and chemical resistance are required.

RhinoCoat TX

A100% solids thixotropic epoxy for use as vertical primers, cove binder and grout coats.

RhinoCoat NV

A bis F epoxy novalac floor coating resin with outstanding resistance to chemicals.

RhinoCoat FM

RhinoCoat Flexible Membrane is a 100% solids, flexible epoxy used as a membrane, expansion joint or crack filler before use under resin flooring systems.