Surface preparation is often the most important part of a successful coating or resurfacing application.

Prior to applying any Concrete Solutions® products the surface must be clean, free from oil, dirt or any other contaminants that may interfere with bonding.

Surface Prep
Surface prep is often the most important part of a successful coating or resurfacing application. Surface must be clean, sound, free from oil, dirt, waxes, or any other contaminant that may interfere with bonding. Popular methods of surface preparation include grinding, shotblasting, and/or scrubbing with detergent, acid etching, neutralizing, and pressure washing. The type of surface preparation needed will depend on the condition of the substrate to be repaired, resurfaced, textured, stamped, colorcoated, and/or sealed. For commercial and industrial indoor jobs, grinding is required to prepare the surface. For residential indoor jobs, scrubbing with detergent, acid washing, neutralizing, rinsing, and wet/dry vacuuming is recommended. For most outdoor jobs, the surface can be cleaned by detergent scrubbing, acid washing, and pressure washing.

Crack Repair
The Concrete Solutions Crack Repair System was developed from over ten years of research and development on actual jobs throughout the world. It has proven to be very successful in repairing structural moving cracks prior to applying the Concrete Solutions Polymer Concrete application. It is not a guaranteed system but has a high success rate against cracks re-occurring.

Patching & Leveling
After the surface preparation and crack repairs are completed, the next step is to patch any holes, spalls, low spots and/or deteriorated areas with the patching mix.


  • Repairs holes and spalls
  • Used as a leveling coat to fill in low areas or to make a rough surface smooth
  • Used as a repitching coat to correct the slope for proper drainage
  • Used to eliminate tripping hazards at joints where one side of a concrete slab is raised
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