Welcome to Rhino Flooring, where simplicity meets outstanding performance. Our commitment to challenging the status quo has led us to deliver products that are simple to use, easy to understand, and perform exceptionally well. With a focus on the WHY, we offer market-leading flooring resins, leveraging the unbeatable performance and pedigree of Rhino Linings.

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Versatile Product Range

Rhino Flooring’s versatile product range caters to the diverse needs of commercial spaces, providing unparalleled solutions for various applications:

  • Rhinocrete (Polyurethane Concrete): A robust foundation offering durability and strength. Ideal for spaces with high traffic and heavy loads, Rhinocrete ensures a solid base for commercial flooring.
  • Rhinoshield (Deck Coatings & Waterproofing): Delivering superior protection against the elements, Rhinoshield safeguards structures from water damage, making it an essential component for decks and waterproofing applications.
  • Rhinocoat (High-Performance Epoxies): Engineered for excellence, Rhinocoat provides a high-performance epoxy solution. Its versatile applications make it suitable for a wide range of commercial environments, ensuring a durable and resilient flooring system.
  • Rhinospeed (Fast Cure Methyl Methacrylate): When time is of the essence, Rhinospeed steps in with its fast-curing properties. This solution is perfect for projects that require rapid installation without compromising quality.
  • Rhinoseal (Polyurethane Top Coats): Adding an extra layer of protection, Rhinoseal enhances the longevity of commercial flooring. Its polyurethane top coats provide resistance against wear, tear, and environmental factors.
  • Rhinopatch (Concrete Repair, Patching & Sloping): Addressing imperfections and damages, Rhinopatch is the go-to solution for concrete repair, patching, and sloping. It ensures a smooth and even surface, contributing to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the flooring.
  • Rhinodecor (RhinoDécor Flooring Systems): Elevating the visual appeal of commercial spaces, Rhinodecor combines functionality with aesthetics. This flooring system is designed to meet the decorative requirements of various environments.

This comprehensive suite of products not only meets but exceeds the expectations of diverse industries, providing tailored solutions for each commercial application. The versatility embedded in Rhino Flooring’s product range ensures that businesses can find the perfect match for their unique flooring needs, creating spaces that stand the test of time.

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Elevating Food & Beverage Spaces

In the demanding environments of the food and beverage industry, Rhino Flooring’s solutions deliver exceptional performance. These fast-turnaround flooring systems withstand impact, abrasion, chemicals, and thermal challenges, ensuring a hygienic and durable flooring solution.

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Meeting Institutional Requirements

Institutions, including prisons, hospitals, laboratories, vivariums, and educational facilities, find a perfect match in Rhino Flooring. Our seamless polymer flooring solutions meet unique and demanding requirements such as fast turnaround, chemical resistance, anti-microbial properties, and UV stability.

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Enhancing Manufacturing Environments

Manufacturing facilities, with their vast areas and demanding conditions, benefit from Rhino Flooring’s industrial coatings. Whether it’s Rhinospeed for fast cure or Rhinopatch for repair, these solutions offer durability, resistance to oil and chemicals, slip resistance, and even considerations for energy savings through color choice.

Rhino Flooring’s commitment to excellence shines through our diverse product range. Elevate your commercial space with flooring solutions that meet the unique demands of various industries. Contact us today and embark on a journey to transform your space with Rhino Flooring’s versatile and high-performance solutions.

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